Seen & Heard: Signs of Life at the IPN Strip Mall

••• Several folks noticed yesterday that the paper was being taken down from the windows of the former Peace & Love space in the Independence Plaza North retail strip. But then the paper in all the windows was taken down. Maybe they’re proceeding with the idea of getting rid of the overhang? If they are going to do that, surely it make sense to do it before anyone moved in.

Independence Plaza North retail1 Independence Plaza North retail2••• Community Board 1 tweeted that Drumgoole Plaza reopened, so I went over to see if anything had changed. I don’t think so, but I’m not an expert on that location (on Frankfort St., under a looped ramp leading from the FDR Drive to the Brooklyn Bridge). I will say that it sure looks ripe for something: a hanging art installation that illuminates at night? P.S. “The park is named for John Christopher Drumgoole (1816-1888), a hero of the newsboys who thronged the area when Park Row was the headquarters of New York City’s major newspapers [….] Drumgoole, who joined the priesthood in midlife, worked to help homeless youth.” —Wikipedia

Drumgoole Plaza••• Cass Lilien‘s tiny store at 24 Harrison has found room for a pop-up showcasing Tracy Friden’s “handmade, small batch garments and accessories” (Oct. 16-18).

••• “Mini NYC” was back, shooting on Franklin yesterday.

••• WTC Progress tweeted a photo of Liberty Park at the World Trade Center.

Liberty Park by WTC Progress••• The Gucci store at Brookfield Place has taken so long that the signage had to be changed to the fall collection. (Thanks to E. for the photo.)

Gucci at Brookfield Place by E••• From Friends of DeLury Park in the Seaport: “We’ll be having two events in support of one of the only green spaces in the Seaport/FiDi area. Arts & Craft Fair (Friday, Oct. 23, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.): Artisan crafts, fine objects, jewelry, etc. All money is donated  for the care, preservation and beautification of our neighborhood park. It’s My Park Day (Saturday, Oct. 24, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Please volunteer to plant and garden with us. We will be planting our spring tulips and daffodils, as well as, getting the park ready for winter. No experience necessary, all equipment and instructions are provided. (Children 12+ only.)”