A New Clothing Store on Duane

courtesy Ibiza NYC“I was in a cab last night driving down Broadway when I saw a sign at Ibiza, a clothing store at 852 Broadway,” emailed an eagle-eyed reader. “It said they were moving to 147 Duane.” (So it’s not a pop-up after all.) From the Ibiza website:

What began on a whim back in December 1976 continues to be one of the city’s premier independent fashion retailers, offering international young designers to a myriad of New York’s most successful and sophisticated women in all professions; actors, writers, songstresses, and business leaders et cetera. […] Our recent move to 825 Broadway, opposite our sister store, Ibiza Kidz and opposite the famous Strand Bookstore, gave us the opportunity to create an out of the ordinary, awe inspiring shopping experience part Moroccan oasis, part Roman palazzo and part Burmese jungle disco, this new setting is like no other in New York. Our unusual setting alone will inspire you even before you delve into the racks to explore our independent designers and find out how they fit into your lifestyle. [The designers listed are Gro-a, Odd Molly, Ulf Anderson, Luna Luz, Inizio, Clover Canyon, Mushmina, U.R.U, Hanuman and Ganesh, and Velvet.]

I’ll try finding out when it might open, but if they’re already bringing in clothes, it must be soon. Time will tell whether the new store is “part Moroccan oasis, part Roman palazzo and part Burmese jungle disco”—but I hope so.

(The image at top is credited to Vital Agibalow.)

147 Duane

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  1. They’ve been on University place forever with rich hippy clothes back in the day and pricey Boho since. They have a kids store too.

    Since their look is one of fantasy, can’t wait to see their Tribeca prices.

  2. If it is the same store that was on University Place, it is the store where I bought the dress I got married in 33 years ago. It was a big splurge for me at the time, but I still have it and can still wear it. Probably out of my price range now, but maybe for my 50th anniversary?