Seen & Heard: The Butterfly Space Is for Rent

••• Spotted this tweet and got it confirmed: The Butterfly is most likely not reopening.

tweet Butterfly••• Carini Lang’s annual sale is October 22 and 23 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

••• James posted a clarifying comment on Harley-Davidson of NYC’s use of the plaza at 376 Broadway:

Per Certificate of Occupancy 113287 dated 8/27/97, this building received valuable floor area in exchange for that public plaza. The motorcycle store has no right to monopolize the public space. “Floor area bonus of 22,516 SF for residential plaza has been incorporated into allowable floor area.” And: “OPEN SPACE USES: PLAZA 3,752 SQ FT.” This is the total footage I understand the public has the right too, not just a partial area. Complain to DOB @ 311

••• Through Thanksgiving, Torly Kid is collecting lightly worn kid’s coats (size NB to 16) for NY Cares. Donate one and you get 15% off a new coat.

••• Press release: “Eleven performers dressed in white attire will spend eight hours a day silently watching and writing about the thousands of commuters passing through the newly renovated Brookfield Place as part of 9-5, a world premiere performance piece by choreographer Ernesto Pujol. […] Fully visible in their glass ‘cubicles,’ each performer will spend the day writing about the individuals they see, creating a poetic catalog of some of the 35,000 visitors [….] Produced and commissioned by More Art and presented by Arts Brookfield, 9-5 will take from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday, October 26, to Wednesday, October 28.” Not everyone at Brookfield Place commutes in….

••• I was walking around 28 Liberty the other day, and I got to thinking…. The Four Seasons should move into the area below the oculus, where the Chase branch is, rather than at the top of the building.