In the News: Wagner Park Under Review

••• “Wagner Park and its Pavilion [where Gigino is] are the subject of a new study about possible changes and improvements, recently commissioned by the Battery Park City Authority. The terms of the contract for the study do not appear to provide for significant consultation with local residents, as modifications to the park are considered.” —Broadsheet

••• Num Pang sandwich chain is opening a “75 Broad St. location on Oct. 27. Later this year, the company plans to launch a storefront at 200 Water St.” —DNAinfo

••• The New York Daily News visits the Municipal Archives, and includes this tidbit: Robert “Moses’ plan to turn Tribeca into a highway will be re-created for a city Department of Records’ exhibit opening Wednesday. It will feature a large-scale model of what the expressway would have looked like.” Visitor info for the exhibit is here.

••• “Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities, in partnership with the Italy-based Pizzarotti Group, is planning a 65-story condo tower on a vacant site at 45 Broad Street in the Financial District.” —Real Deal

••• The New York Post thinks feels there should be no performing arts center at the World Trade Center.



  1. here we go again. The Battery Park City Authority is looking to spend a shit load of money to fix a problem that does not exist.

  2. Agree with Cami. Redesign of Wagner is a solution in search of a problem.

  3. Wagner park is lovely. What on earth are they thinking? There are so many other areas that actually need help.

  4. Or looking to remove a local business in favor of some big name which would be a shame as Gigino’s is a great restaurant.

  5. It is the BPCA looking to hand over more public parks to for-profit corporations = friends/donors of Cuomo.

    The problem is that BPCA is a state run organization and driven by Cuomo, so no clear oversight at all.

  6. If it weren’t for Cuomo’s arrogance and stupidity in regards to BPC, I might actually like him. Instead, I loathe him. Everything his office does in regards to BPC stinks of everything that is despicable about politicians. Frankly, if BPC residents paid 70% of their taxes and banked the rest to “buy politicians” they would have true representative government. Eventually, they could lower their land lease rates, save on taxes, spend less extravagantly on the neighborhood, and still buy politicians at a fraction of what they pay now.