Another Store Is Getting the Boot

Western SpiritA. noticed that Western Spirit, the all-things-western store at 395 Broadway (at Walker), has a “for rent” sign in the window. I think we can assume the rent went higher than Western Spirit would prefer, given that the store has been around for 25 years and seems unlikely to ride off into the sunset for no reason at all. I’ll swing by later to see what I can find out; in the meantime, let’s hope it finds another space nearby. It’s the kind of store that adds to our quality of life even if never step inside—and while you may not need a pair or pink chaps right now, there’s always hope for tomorrow. UPDATE: A reader says the owners of Western Spirit may be relocating it (at least in part) to their American Icon store across Broadway or another storefront, 392 Broadway, that they’re currently leasing out.




  1. I remember when that was the “Everything Store” (never knew its real name.) It was like an old fashioned general store, with everything from pots and pans to hardware and tools, birthday decorations…they literally had EVERYTHING. So sad when they moved a block downtown, then closed less than a year later.

  2. No-one attends the Calgary Stampede without dressing appropriately! We didn’t want to arrive unprepared, so I can’t tell you how pleased my husband and I were to be able to purchase boots, western shirts and a Stetson hats right here in Tribeca. It’s been said so many times, but stores like this are a treasure and an important part of what makes this city diverse and interesting. Is it surprising to find a Western wear store here – yes! But the fact that they have survived this long proves that there must be a market, and not just for Hallowe’en.

  3. Yes I loved the ‘Everything Store’: I still treasure and use an African broom I bought there — among so many other things. What a great place it was and how improved the neighborhood would be if it would suddenly reappear in place of yet another upscale restaurant or boutique.