Seen & Heard: More on Duane Reade’s Plans

••• Drew spoke with a manager at the Duane Reade on Greenwich: “The store isn’t closing to the best of his knowledge but Duane Reade is looking for a bigger space in the neighborhood.”

••• Friday and Saturday at Pace’s Schimmel Center: Greg Kennedy’s Theorem: “The two-time international juggling champion and his cast of circus artists perform a show that playfully explores the process of invention through modern manipulation [with] live music, five-person choreography, aerial acrobatics, and Greg’s largest dynamic structures.” Video preview:

••• I don’t think we’ve ever seen a rendering that has shown what the west side of 19 Park Place will look like…. That big windowless expanse makes me worry about the buildings next door.

19 Park Place from the west••• Tenoverten‘s new salon at 121 Fulton opens tomorrow (Wednesday). From the release, which I edited a bit just for brevity’s sake:

The heart of the salon has 18 pedicure stations and 14 manicure tables. The tables have iPad drawers with charging stations, and the pedicure chairs, are extra deep to accommodate a purse or small bag. The back of the salon can be made completely private by closing old casement doors. The space within has two pedicure banquets and a large conference table that pulls apart into six manicure stations. The private meeting space can accommodate up to 20 guests. Brow and hair removal services (waxing and sugaring) are offered in the salon’s two treatment rooms. Sugaring, which can be difficult to find on salon and spa menus, is the oldest and most natural form of hair removal. The front of the salon offers extended retail space for the founders’ favorite natural personal care brands. Some of the brands that will be featured are RGB, Soapwalla, Further, Grown Alchemist, Rahua, Earth tu Face, Woodlot and Fog Linen home items.

••• Something appears to be happening at the storefront on Barclay just to the east of Barclay Tower.

Barclay storefront



  1. Maybe something is happening in that storefront on Barclay, now, but it’s been almost a year gone, and they open it from time to time & it looks like the might do something, but don’t. The storefronts to the east of Barclay tower, as well as storefronts that wrap around onto Bway on the same building, have been disappearing one by one.

  2. Tent & Trails folks told me they own their building (good for them!) and they are directly next door to 19 Park Place.