In the News: Battery Park City Is Hiring a Private Security Firm

••• The Battery Park City Authority’s board “voted Tuesday to hire a private security firm to replace what would appear to be most of the city’s Parks Enforcement Patrol’s green-uniformed officers, contracted through the city’s Parks Department, to patrol the neighborhood’s 38 acres of parks.” Meanwhile, the “union is considering legal action.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “A woman had her $700 Chanel wallet stolen from her handbag as she rode a downtown 4 train last week.” —DNAinfo

••• Thievery at Fraunces Tavern. —DNAinfo

••• A review of ‘Happy Hour’ at Gibney Dance: “a new weekly shindig choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes, who seems to have been inspired by the question ‘What if a dance show masqueraded as an office party?'” —New York Times