Seen & Heard: An Alliance of Tribeca Businesses

••• Hey, local businesses: Ann Benedetto of the A Uno clothing boutique at W. Broadway and Duane boutique wants to organize: “The character of Tribeca is changing so quickly and many fear not for the better. There are so many empty storefronts because the growing high rents make it unattainable for a smaller business. One voice cannot get the attention needed to address so many of these issues. We need a Tribeca Alliance.” Email her at or call 212-227-6233 to get involved. She’s interested in creating a map of local style shops, among other endeavors. If you’re not a business but want to volunteer help, I’m sure it’d be welcome.

••• A rendering has been posted on the odd little building under construction at 11 Sixth Avenue. Click to enlarge.

11 Sixth Avenue rendering••• “Do you happen to know if there are any photo booths in the neighborhood?” asked J. “Those little booths where you pull the curtain, a photostrip prints, etc. I’ve seen them in various bars, restaurants, etc., around Manhattan.” I told him I knew of ones at Bubby’s (down by the restrooms) and El Vez (to the left as you walk in). Are there others? Related-ish: There’s a show I need to see, at Southfirst in Williamsburg, of Jared Bark’s “Photobooth Works 1969-1976.” (That’s one below.) UPDATE: Dan commented that there’s one at the Regal Battery Park cinema.

••• “The man bar salon thing vanished from Fulton Center,” tweeted M.M. De Voe.

••• “Do we already know what’s going in at the corner of Barclay and West?” emailed M. “The paper is off and there’s some kind of very elaborate three level space being built out with a big mezzanine and a basement.” M. was hoping it’d be a restaurant, but there aren’t many three-level restaurants around here. I’ll try asking…. The developer of 100 Barclay, Ben Shaoul, recently said there was interest in “high-end retail” for the building, that seems more likely for the arcade along Vesey than a three-level space on a quieter street.

100 Barclay retail



  1. There’s a photo booth at the Regal 16 Battery Park movie theater in Goldman Alley.

  2. 11 6th Avenue rendering already doesn’t match what is being built if you look closely – kind of hilarious. I feel like they are making that place up as they go/it looks a little like a random fancy McTeardown house in Queens.