Café Noir Has Gone Dark

Michael noticed that Café Noir has closed (“The lights are off and the interior has been gutted”), just 15 months after it opened on sleepy Lispenard. When I called to confirm it with sister restaurant Cercle Rouge, I asked the gentleman who answered the phone whether George Forgeois might open something else in that space, and he said that he thought Café Noir would reopen elsewhere but he didn’t know.

Cafe Noir interior



  1. Mr. Locks on Canal and Hudson is moving to E24th St.

  2. Was a great place and location when it was in soho. When it moved to TriBeCa it had no foot traffic and didn’t have the same epic corner and vibe.

  3. What’s so upsetting is that the old location in Soho was amazing and is STILL empty! Just another doomed small business in this city full of greedy landlords.

  4. I liked the vibe and location but cash only policy was a problem.

  5. Was not cash only; Amex was accepted.

    Loved this place.