Seen & Heard: Dahlia’s Is Closed for Repairs

••• Dahlia’s has a sign saying it’s closed for “kitchen repairs.” While it’s always a concern when a restaurant closes for repairs, especially at the end of a month, the East Village location said there was a kitchen fire at the Tribeca location.

Dahlias••• James noticed on the DOB website that Harley-Davidson of NYC got a violation for its use of a public plaza:

10/30/2015          A8  ECB VIOLATION SERVED

••• I’m intrigued by what 56 Leonard will look like at night.

56 Leonard at night••• And there’s an interesting mistacked-boxes building going up across the Hudson.

Jersey City building••• The new Soho location of Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates (at 333 Hudson) opens Monday.

••• A press release came out about the pop-up toy store at 345 Greenwich: “Learning Express Toys, the nation’s largest educational toy retailer, welcomes its newest pop-up shop to the Tribeca neighborhood. Owner Ali Garcia will host an all-day Halloween party and Grand Opening celebration Saturday, Oct. 31 featuring prizes, raffles and trick-or-treating.” There was someone in an Elmo suit standing outside yesterday, if you’re into that.



  1. 56 Leonard at night is a wonder indeed. Notice how brightly the construction lights on the top floors shine? If you have a bedroom window in sight of those (even at a distance) you have surely installed opaque blinds. We’re hoping that the lighting once the apartments are built out, is much more tolerable.

  2. From Facebook:

    “Harley-Davidson of New York City
    August 29 at 6:20pm

    “Motorcycle sales will no longer occur in our Manhattan location, however, rentals and our shop will remain open and stocked with the iconic Harley-Davidson parts and accessories, apparel and riding gear we’re famous for. Visit our showroom in Long Island City, Queens, for test rides, trade-ins, service, parts and accessories and your next Harley-Davidson!”