In the News: Crime Spike in Lower Manhattan

••• “Calling the past month ‘a very bad period for us,’ the First Precinct’s commanding officer, Capt. Mark Iocco, said crime in the Lower Manhattan precinct spiked nearly 50 percent in October over the same period a year ago.” —Tribeca Trib (The pic is mine and old and unrelated; it’s the only one that came to mind.)

••• “The City Council’s progressives backed a congestion pricing plan on Thursday as lawmakers look for ways to fund the region’s transit system. There were 14 Democratic lawmakers in the council’s Progressive Caucus who backed the MoveNY plan from traffic engineer ‘Gridlock’ Sam Schwartz in an anonymous vote among the group’s 19 members. Several Progressive Caucus Council members from around the city met on the steps of City Hall to tout ways that the plan—tolling the East River bridges and Manhattan at 60th Street, while cutting fees on outer-borough spans—would help their districts.” —New York Daily News

••• The Broadsheet has an update on Gateway Plaza. This was interesting: “Gateway residents are required to buy electricity from their landlord, rather than from Con Edison.”



  1. Crime Spike / Construction Spike – Does anyone think there just might be some correlation between the two?

    • No, unless you mean the construction of Citi Bike racks.

      Crime was driven so low, any small fluctuation in absolute terms makes the percentages look big.

      “‘Last year was a historic low,’ Iocco noted.”

      One extra robber, 2 extra burglars, and people inexplicably stealing Citi bikes basically drove the bulk of the spike, per the article.

      • A few more muggings as well if you read the police blotter (not the article)
        That had nothing to do with citibikes.
        Good question as to why someone would steal a citibike? They are awful

  2. Do the police no longer do foot patrol? I am constantly out walking my dog and I can’t recall ever seeing a police officer. The corner of Reade/Greenwich should also be a concern. With the gym gone and the lights out it has become a very dark, desolate corner after 8pm.

    • This is very true. The police used to patrol the streets here. Not any more. We need to get the message out to the police that they need to foot patrol in order to reduce the ever increasing rate of crime in the neighborhood.

  3. It’s too complicated for the police. They could easily loop one patrol car through Hudson-Greenwich-Duane-Staple and find people doing wrong things, but they would rather sit in their cars on side streets on their smart phones or make illegal turns On W. Broadway.

  4. I agree Paul, the corner of Greenwich/Read is a concern. Wait until the Food emporium closes. It will be very dark on that block. we are going to have homeless and muggers all over the place. the lighting on the block is not good. No the first precent does not do the job well. no foot patrol. also kids getting robbed near BMCC in daylight. Tribeca has a problem.