44-Story Tower Rumored for Southeast Tribeca

118-120 Duane 193-207 Church 179-189 Church 78-82 ReadeCapital Audio Electronics at 118-120 Duane is closing. They’re moving to new Jersey, but they don’t know where yet.

Tribeca South Hisotoric District mapThe bigger news, however, is that United American Land is said to be tearing down that building and possibly the three that wrap around Church Street and part of Reade. (That’s 118-120 Duane, 193-207 Church, 179-189 Church, 78-82 Reade.) One caveat: 78-82 Reade, home to Church Publick and Modern Martial Arts, is in the Tribeca South Historic District (right), so it may or may not be included; on the other hand, United American Land appears to own it through an LLC….

The potential for this development has been whispered about for a while, but now the rumors include details on what’s to be built there: a 44-story tower. For comparison’s sake, Tribeca Tower, across Duane, is 52 stories. I’ve tried confirming this with United American Land, but I have yet to hear back. There’s nothing filed yet with the Department of Buildings, so we’ll have to wait for the announcement and/or for YIMBY to catch the filing.

I have no idea how many residents will be displaced, but many street-level businesses will have to move: Besides Capital Audio Electronics, that’s floral designer Mel Furukawa, World of Gold N’ Diamond, Down Town Shoes, A.A.A. Burrito Mariachi, Akimoto Sushi, Sheezan Indian Restaurant, Domino’s, Rainbow East Nails & Spa, Goodluck Candy & Tobacco II, Express Shoe Repair, and possibly Church Publick and Modern Martial Arts. Many of these many not be frequented often by Tribecans, and the delivery bikes won’t be missed, but they are the kind of businesses that used to give Tribeca—and Manhattan, and New York City—character.

If you have any concrete info on this, please email at tribecacitizen@gmail.com or call/text 917-209-6473.

UPDATE: Albert Laboz, one of the principals of United American Land, says that they’re “not planning anything.” Moreover, he says that a building of anywhere near 44 stories is not even possible—he said the best they could get as of right is five or six stories, and that, anyway, “we like to leave the buildings the way they are.” (He dismissed any notion of gaining height by buying air rights or adding a public plaza or affordable housing.) He also said that he didn’t believe the LPC would ever allow 78-82 Reade to be torn down. Obviously this is good news.

118-120 Duane 193-207 Church 179-189 Church 78-82 Reade2179-207 Church businesses



  1. Please make them stop.

  2. My family recently had 6 pairs of shoes + boots repaired at Express Shoe Repair. The cobbler there is really good, prices very reasonable. Sad to hear that he will be displaced. Hope he will find another store front in the neighborhood.

  3. Thank goodness for the update or I may have had a heart attack! Cant deal with all these huge towers going up everywhere

  4. The LaBoz brothers (there are four) divide up Lower Manhattan with many many low rise rental buildings I SoHo and Tribeca. I’ve lived on Duane St for over 40 years and have worked with Al over various issues. I tend to believe him about not going that high. However , He’s not renewed Capitals lease and they will be gone by January . . I do get heat and elevator complaints as a Community Bd member . But in the general scheme of things, I’d rather work with Al than some unknown corporarate entity. And they do support small businesses like my shoe guy who is super good.