In the News: The River Project Is Onboard for the Pier 26 Estuarium

••• “The Hudson River Park Trust announced that the River Project, a highly regarded local non-profit, will join a coalition of partners (led by Clarkson University) in planning and building a 12,000-square foot aquatic science and education center on Pier 26. The River Project works to protect and restore the ecosystem of the Hudson River estuary through scientific research, hands-on environmental education, and urban habitat improvement. Though the Pier 26 ‘estuarium’ is still in a very preliminary stage of planning, other partners include the New York Hall of Science, and the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.” —Broadsheet

••• New York Times columnist Genia Bellafante mulls the current state of real-estate development, using Tribeca Trust as a way in:

The de Blasio administration has consistently defended its development agenda on the grounds that its ambitious affordable housing plan, so essential to the city’s survival, cannot be conducted without it. Those wary of development counter that you can have affordability while still maintaining neighborhoods that are aesthetically intact—areas that don’t feel destructively overcrowded or inauthentic—but those detractors are themselves hampered by a lack of any prescription for how that might be achieved.

••• The manager of the Armoury says that men are wearing navel-waisted pants. —The New York Times

••• A 21-story residential building is going up at 102 Charlton. “Demolition plans have already been filed to knock down the two late 19th century tenement buildings. They hold a mix of 32 rent-stabilized and market-rate apartments.” —YIMBY

••• Downtown Express profiles Tribeca artist Robert Janz. Below: A favorite from his mountain series.

janz street-art-mountain-8712