Seen & Heard: Finn Square’s Next Sculpture

••• This is the sculpture that’ll temporarily be exhibited at Finn Square (where W. Broadway and Varick meet): Untitled (Plane) by sculptor Mike Whitting. “The piece is part of Mike’s ongoing exploration of minimalism’s reference by early video game technology along with the ‘pixel’ based concepts that continue to thrive in both contemporary art and gaming culture,” explains Tracy Causey-Jeffery of Causey Contemporary gallery. “As with his other sculptures, Plane is created from welded steel sheets and finished with industrial enamel paint. The piece measures 50 x 78 x 15 inches and will be placed on the south side of Finn Square.” I see a stealth bomber.

Untitled (Plane) by Mike Whitting courtesy Causey Contemporary••• Yesterday’s mention of the “seized by marshal” sign on Café Noir led to comments by HH that sister restaurant Clarkson has also closed and by TribecaMom that owner Georges Forgeois listed his Eldridge Street home for $12 million.

••• “I lived there 20 years ago!” emailed G. about 102 Charlton, where two 19th-century tenements are being torn down. “A studio with a fireplace, original moldings, and an actual water closet! Other than being rent stabilized, the real selling point of the building was the unbelievable garden in the back. It looks like some mysterious beautiful Southern Gothic jewel. Before I moved in, the gentleman who had lived in my apartment began restoring what was apparently a very ratty shared backyard space. Everyone in the building pitched in to keep the garden going. There was a fountain, turtles, ivy, hidden nooks with statues. It was amazing. You should see if you can get a peek. It’s a prime example of a hidden NYC.” I’d love to see it! If anyone can get me in, let me know.

••• Opening Dec. 1 at Soho Photo: “It’s a Dog’s World! The gallery is pleased to exhibit four solo shows and Doggerel, a gallery artists’ group show exploring this theme. Danish artist Pernille Westh has been invited to exhibit her work, Project 100 Dogs [nine of which are pictured below].”

••• There’s a town hall coming up on the MTA’s bus service. Personally, I’d like to see buses banned from narrow side streets—specifically, Warren Street.

Squadron bus event



  1. Hope they talk about the tour buses at city hall park where Beekman St meets Park Row. If you’re not careful crossing Park Row heading east, they’ll crush you.

    • Completely agree. It’s loud, dangerous, and the tour bus operators are pushy and obnoxious and block the sidewalk on the east side of the park.