In the News: The Independent Art Fair to Be Held in Tribeca

••• “Independent New York, the art fair that runs concurrently with the Armory Show in March, has shared the details of its 2016 edition. The fair, previously held at the former Dia building in Chelsea, which was recently sold, will open next year at Spring Studios on 50 Varick in Tribeca.” ArtNews also has “the full list of exhibitors for Independent New York, which runs March 3–6.”

where in tribeca metalwork answer••• “Linus Coraggio, a New York-based artist best known for the metal ‘junk’ sculptures he installed around the East Village in the 1980s and ’90s, showed up at Elena Ab Gallery on Church Street in Tribeca on October 8, only to find that the gallery had been padlocked by NYC marshals. Coraggio, who was set to deliver six of his works to Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn for a commissioned installation, was now unable to access 45 of his artworks, worth about $136,600.” —Gothamist

••• NBC New York looked into the ongoing problem of fake restaurants on Seamless and GrubHub. And Gothamist‘s recap included this from GrubHub (a small step forward from what they told me in February of 2014.)

Going forward, GrubHub will take additional steps to verify the details restaurants provide. Our new process includes more checks to validate the name and location of restaurants. Should any discrepancies arise, we will take immediate action to correct information or remove inaccurate listings of restaurants on our platforms. We’re also encouraging tips. If you spot any inaccuracy on our platforms, you can alert us at or

••• “Busy intersections near Downtown schools will have someone to watch over them, vowed the commanding officer of the First Precinct, even if that means assigning traffic enforcement agents to the task until official crossing guards are hired.” —Downtown Express