Target Is Opening a Store in Tribeca

Tribeca_Target 255 GreenwichBefore we get to the press release, bear in mind that this means the Fairway supermarket isn’t happening. Now, the release:

Target announced today it will open its first flexible format store in lower Manhattan. The Tribeca store will open in October 2016 at 255 Greenwich Street, on the corner of Greenwich and Murray Streets, joining the Harlem store as Target’s second Manhattan location.

Target’s urban locations have allowed the company to leverage its strength in flexible store design, fitting stores into less traditional, smaller spaces to allow access to all of Target—regardless of store size. The Tribeca Target will be approximately 45,000 square feet and will feature a locally-relevant, catered assortment for urban guests including:

• Smaller packaging for guests traveling on foot or in public transit,(e.g. single rolls of paper towels rather than 12 packs.

• Home assortments dedicated to refreshing small living spaces, as well as urban apartment and condo essentials.

• A wide assortment of men’s, women’s and kids apparel and shoe selections.

• Baby care items for young neighborhood families.

• A variety of beauty assortments.

• Food selections, including grab-and-go items spanning sandwiches, salads, beverages, snacks, and more

• Services including Target Mobile, Order Pick-up and Pharmacy

With more guests moving to large city centers, urban growth is a priority for Target. The company currently operates 18 flexible format stores and has committed to opening ten additional flexible format locations over the next two years.



  1. If they sell things like cleaning supplies, the savings are huge. For the 12 of us in Tribeca who are price conscious.

    • “For the 12 of us in Tribeca still price conscious”

      I’m still laughing at this joke, almost 6 months later lol

  2. Is this is an April fools?!?!?! How awesome!

  3. I’m pinching myself.

  4. The response on FiDi Fan Page has been very positive and I agree. Greater FiDi is fast developing into a neighborhood that offers retail options for everybody, from Saks, Nordstrom (hopefully), Hermes and Armani to Zara, H&M, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Club Monaco to Century 21, TJ Maxx and now Target. The loss of Fairway is unfortunate, but they are in bad financial shape. In the coming years we have new markets opening where Food Emporium is now, Jones the Grocer at the World Trade Center, Uptown Market at 70 Pine and Whole Foods (strongly rumored) at 28 Liberty. It is a matter of time before Trader Joe’s announces in FiDi as well. I welcome Target to the area. I would NOT say the same for a Walmart.

  5. But because anyone welcomes Target, (sub)Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and the like – that means Wal-mart is coming to the neighborhood. How could it not? Already got a Dennys.

    • There is not a single Walmart in all of NYC. I can guarantee you that the first one would NOT be in our neighborhood. :-)

  6. There is a goddamn God!

  7. As long as we’re condoning the “suburbinification” of Tribeca, why not a Walmart? They beat the pants off everyone else on prices.

  8. While I like Target as much as anyone and happily shop there with my college student every year, I am really troubled by what this portends for Tribeca.

    This is my concern – is it anybody else’s? Long lines of cabs, double-parked cars, etc. – and streams of people in the neighborhood because Target is a destination store for large items (housewares, furniture, etc.).

    Bed Bath & Beyond works on Warren Street because there are now a number of them in Manhattan, so my sense is it primarily serves people living or working below Houston Street. Only the second Target in Manhattan is going to be a destination for folks from all over, and people aren’t going to leave the store and trudge down to the subway on Chambers Street with their multiple bags and large purchases, is my bet.

    I am worried about the further commercialization of that corridor, and especially the traffic it will entail on Greenwich Street all the way up the street – have they even thought of all that? Fairway shoppers are local – Target’s most emphatically are not.

    Could the community board address their plans for the increased traffic stream this is going to engender?

    • Hi there

      There won’t be room for any cabs or double parked cars. The buses waiting for people from the WTC are there already taking up space.

  9. Good point. Anyone who’s been the to Brooklyn Target knows the possible mess this might entail.

  10. For those who feel the need to have these shops nearby – the Newport Mall is right across the river. Accessible by PATH train in 5 minutes. Or jump in your SUV and hit the Paramus Mall!!! More than you could ever dream of.

    I love my neighborhood, but I am starting to feel like I’m living in the commons of a suburban mall. I believe opening a Target in Tribeca will have an impact almost as significant as the arrival of Whole Foods has had. The difference is, as Judy astutely pointed out, it will attract more folks from out of the neighborhood (exactly Target’s hope) which will only make the area more chaotic than ever. And Greenwich street dead-ends 2 more blocks down – a traffic log jam.

  11. This makes me deliriously happy!

  12. We should definitely be concerned about the additional traffic/double parked cars etc. We can see what the WTC has brought to the neighborhood, tens of thousands of more people, no enforcement of traffic rules, buses parked everywhere and more hot dog vendors. The community board seems to have its hands tied about fixing any of this, and I am not sure how much power they really have.
    As for the suburbification of Tribeca, I am less concerned about a couple of big box stores than I am about the lack of viability for all the smaller stores that sadly seem to be disappearing. Whole Foods is not perfect, but put some competition into the mix for grocery stores. When Woolworths started going out of business in the mid 90s, there wasn’t really a place anymore to get cleaning supplies, paper goods, wrapping paper, school supplies etc. Drugstores have picked up some of that business, but they are really pricey. Staples absorbed some of that with shameless price gouging, but we haven’t had a more general store to meet those needs. Because of the current supply chain for these types of goods, the big box stores will be able to provide better prices and more variety. Its just a fact of modern life. Maybe we accept these stores to get our staples (and Cheerios…and Cheetos) and put up fights for encouraging more niche commercial businesses or more public space…or for God’s sake another playing field.
    Target also allows you to use their credit card and designate a public school to receive some percentage of your purchase amount. The Target in Jersey City makes a not insignificant amount of money for ps234, so at least all the public schools will see some benefit. Its better than collecting box tops for sure.

  13. I will wait and see regarding the prices at this Target. I have noticed that these big “inexpensive” stores (Target, Kmart, Staples, Home Depot) tend to be much more expensive in NYC than the suburbs for the exact same items…”NYC pricing” they call it.

  14. Will be tough for the small stores, but would love to see some pricing competition with the Duane Reades of the world for various staples.

  15. I am amazed that so many people are so thrilled by this news.

    I have lived in Tribeca for over 30 years and very much understand the need for staples at reasonable prices, but the thought of any big box stores in our neighborhood makes me physically ill.
    Among other things, the traffic will be even worse than it is now.

  16. Very funny A. I have nothing against Target but in my hood? Damn and two blocks from WTC…I’m sad.
    No! No…oh how I lament the loss of Socrates chocolate milk shakes.

    • Why not…it gives all the tourists a familiar place to shop just like Olive Garden gives them a familiar place to eat. Why would they want to come to the greatest city in the world and shop/eat someplace new and different?

  17. Why would tourists would want to swing by the Target to pick up cleaning supplies and toilet paper, or family sized cereal boxes.

    I am not sure however that the neighborhood can insulate itself from an Olive Garden in the future, and not because BBB, WF, BandN and Target lead the way, but because we have the most visited tourist destination at the WTC memorial and the second most visited one a stone’s throw away at the Battery for the Statue of Liberty. Brookfield is attempting to siphon those visitors to Hudson Eats, but I can’t imagine a better location (sic) for Ruby Foos.
    What I have witnessed over the past 16 years of living in the neighborhood is that the community board has limited/no say in new projects/construction and the impact that those will have on the neighborhood. We live in a developers wet dream of unbridled development with no consideration about the local impact those developments (both commercial and residential) will bring. The National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center Foundation didn’t want to make difficult choices about a bus depot, so they kicked the can down the road and now the neighborhood gets to inhale the result of buses circling, parking and standing, mostly illegally). Thousands of new residential units have come to the neighborhood, but no one seems to want to discuss the infrastructure needed to sanely support the huge influx –schools, parks, transportation etc. Is anyone even talking about the additional traffic on the streets because of the Target. Nope–don’t try to slow that train down,because $.

  18. I’m price-conscious. I’ll take it.

  19. I think it’s great we’re going to have an option to buy daily needs at hopefully lower prices. Right now we’re only hearing the voices of the uber rich who have taken over our neighborhood. I’ve grown up here my whole life and I’m 61, and like to find bargains. I imagine that this Target will be a much nicer one that will reflect the neighborhood thatI it’s in. I would love to see a Home Goods and Trader Joes come here too! They would be wonderful additions to our ever growing community.
    Our Seaport is getting better and better and I’m very excited about the new movie theater opening up as it will be one where thet will serve you drinks and food in your seats.
    Our neighborhood is made up both middle class and very rich and should be able to cater to both!

  20. Target is opening in OCTOBER! It is now hiring!