Seen & Heard: Activity at an IPN Storefront

••• “Any idea what the hell is going on in the retail space at 101 Leonard?” asked T. “We had heard it was going to be a coffee shop but lately there has been strange performance art and now there are legitimately like five chickens running around inside. Very very strange.” I don’t know what it’s going to ultimately be (if anyone hears more about a coffee shop, let me know!), but right now it’s being used for the Performa performance art festival. UPDATE: I went to check out the chickens, which are clearly visible through the windows—in good part because many have been “adorned in specially adhered Carnival feathers in a dazzling array of colors,” as per this the description of the work:

For Performa 15, Brazilian artist Laura Lima presents Gala Chickens and Ball, her first live work in the United States, a series of semi-orchestrated events and encounters that displace commonly held assumptions about the nature of performance and performers. Lima combines two earlier works, Gala Chickens (2004/2011) and Ball (2003-2004), in this piece conceived specifically for New York City. Gala Chickens and Ball’s plural and open character is realized over the course of several days, where preparations leading up to the culminating event, such as décor and floral arrangements, catering, and costumes, and ultimately the finale on Saturday, November 21st at 8pm, are manifested in collaboration with invited and impromptu participants. Ornamental chickens, adorned in specially adhered Carnival feathers in a dazzling array of colors and housed in a sculptural installation, are central actors and instigators pointing to the myriad possibilities of collective formation and action. In Gala Chickens and Ball, Lima structures a work in which time is unbound, revealing the manifold qualities that underlie everyday life, and all that is taken as a given is suspended, free to be experienced and expressed based on the participant’s (human or otherwise) desire and without the confines of a fixed agenda or anticipated outcome.

Performa chickens 101 Leonard••• A reader sent in a shot of Livly‘s signage at 108 Reade. Livly is a Swedish children’s fashion brand, and I hear from someone Swedish that it’s not at all pronounced like it looks. More on that when it opens.

Livly••• And Pure Barre confirmed that it’s opening at 110 Reade.

Pure Barre••• While we’re on Reade…. Obsidian House (93 Reade) has come out from under the veil. Looks sharp! And check out the rendering of the salt-shed-ish topper! Who knew?

93 Reade••• There’s been no apparent activity at the Independence Plaza North storefronts on Greenwich, but the little one on Harrison has workers in it. Anyone know what’s up? UPDATE: “I think IPN keeps construction equipment and appliances in that space, as they’re renovating apartments piecemeal,” says BF in the comments.

IPN storefront••• Kathryn Garcia of the Center for Visual Communication in Miami emailed about a project to remember Pearl Paint:

We’re trying to make sure this icon of the art world stays alive in a project called “I remember Pearl’s.” Along with an installation [pictured below] that recreates the last Pearl’s store, we are collecting a series of memories to highlight on our upcoming Facebook site. We’ll be happy to link back to your original post as well. For a limited time, the most popular story of the week will win one of the last remaining “Pearl Art Supply” embroidered hats. You will automatically be entered. The site launches next week and we would like to hear back from you about using your remembrances on our Facebook page, before we go live. [Email her at]

Art Store a Pearl Paint installation by Barry Fellman••• If you’re wondering where the Lilac went—the tug below is there for the visiting Brooklyn Barge Bar—don’t worry: It’s just being used for a TV shoot, and it’ll be back at Pier 25 next week.

Lilac berth••• I fell hard for the new outpost of Court Street Grocers at 540 LaGuardia Place. Not only is the menu of sandwiches right up my alley—I loved the Reuben made with broccoli instead of meat—but the shop also sells all sorts of terrific food products: contemporary Brooklyn brands, Quisp cereal, fresh eggs, and much more. (But not Chut-Nut, alas, so I’ll have to keep ordering it online.) I did buy some tea made from Douglas fir trees…. I’ll get back to you on that once I’ve tried it.

Court Street Grocers on LaGuardia menuCourt Street Grocers on LaGuardia broccoli reubenCourt Street Grocers on LaGuardia shelfCourt Street Grocers on LaGuardia fridge


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  1. I *think* IPN keeps construction equipment and appliances in that space, as they’re renovating apartments piecemeal