In the News: Tour Bus Overload

••• “A Tribeca condo board [165 Hudson] has barraged one of its residents with racist comments, unlawfully trying to push her out of the building because she is Chinese, according to a lawsuit filed by the state.” —DNAinfo

••• “Backers of a proposal to cap the number of tourist buses in Lower Manhattan made their case at Community Board 1’s Quality of Life Committee meeting this month, but residents already strongly support the idea. […] A bill introduced by Councilmember Margaret Chin and co-sponsored by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer would limit the number of license plates for sightseeing buses to 225. The Dept. of Consumer Affairs oversees and approves the licenses and, as of now, there is no limit.” —Downtown Express

••• Wait, how did I not hear of this before? “In the face of Community Board 1’s strong opposition, the Dept. of Transportation has granted The Ride—an ‘interactive entertainment experience’ that includes live performances on the sidewalk—a stop on Water St. for its new Downtown route. Three times a day, seven days a week, The Ride will load and unload its 45-foot bus at 200 Water St. and then wind its way through Lower Manhattan with a proposed route that includes Broadway, West St. and South End Avenue.” Ugh. If they do a performance in front of my building, they’d better brace for a little improv. —Downtown Express

••• Bon Appétit ran a recipe from The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual for oleo-saccharum, a syrup made from candied citrus peel. (Only the recipe, and not the intro, is online.)

••• “A city Parks Department staffer was arrested and suspended 30 days this week after bizarrely coming to the aid of a career criminal busted for illegally peddling sightseeing tours to out-of-towners at the South Street Seaport, sources said.” —New York Post



  1. I don’t pay serious coin to travel half way around the world to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park every year to look out and see this Circus Bus pedalling its tawdry wares on the curbside. My friend who is a total ‘tourist’ loves these things so I know to avoid it like a pram filled with Ebola. The sooner the novelty of this drive-by Butchers Window dies, the better.

  2. It’ll be fun making a hobby out of sabotaging The Ride.