Seen & Heard: Fire on Worth Street

This is a mix of Seen & Heard and In the News because there wasn’t quite enough going on for one or the other.

••• There was a fire on Worth Street this morning. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t go check it out.) Let’s hope it wasn’t in Chatham Towers.

Worth Street fire••• The ice rink outside of Brookfield Place is getting closer…. A reader sent in this photo of it getting iced.

Brookfield Place ice rink••• Has anyone been to the Museum of Feelings installation outside Brookfield Place? From what I see online, it looks like it’s a selfiefest. Below: various posts on Instagram. UPDATE: This Commonweal article describes it.

Instagram Museum of Feelings••• The Livly Swedish children’s clothing store on Reade is indeed open. NKOTB post to follow.

••• On Tuesday, buy a large drink at Laughing Man and 50¢ goes toward cookstoves for refugee camps. (Buy a bag of coffee beans and a dollar gets donated.)

••• The New York Times profiled Stephen Cheuk of S10 Training on Walker and his “self-selecting clientele,” whatever that means.



  1. I haven’t yet been to the Museum of Feelings but I did see an awfully long line to get in yesterday.

    • The first day the line went across the plaza all the way to Beaubourg. Tonight it went in the other direction past PJ Clarke’s. For candles.

      Other Brookfield news: the storefronts have been uncovered for Gucci, with “coming soon” on it. I think Brookstone is open (it was after closing time when I was walking through) and it doesn’t look like they’ve done much since Posman moved out and it doesn’t appear on their interactive list so maybe it’s a pop-up. A futuristic Santa space is happening across from the Club Monaco men’s store on the second floor. There are some new places that look like pop-ups for the holidays–a florist, a newsstand, and a candy place that said they are moving into the Westfield Mall at the WTC in March–as if. And they’re *finally* painting the corroded ceiling over the escalators to the concourse.

  2. The Museum of Feelings. Sponsored by Glade. If it starts to rain and there is no line, it might be an amusing place to shelter. Nothing bad/harmful/distasteful (although some may feel a little dizzy in one of the spaces). Basically,it is a silly waste of time hoping to get people to think scent via pseudoscience. (Buy a scented candle for Christmas?) If there is something else to do, almost anything would be more interesting. In fact, watching them install the skating rink is definitely more interesting.

  3. The fire on Worth Street was in a dumpster filled with electronics waste – old computer monitors, etc. Hence all that acrid smoke. I was walking past and called it in to 911. A few minutes later some cops arrived. By then I was heading into Chinatown for dumplings, but I heard sirens, so I’m assuming the FDNY got there soon after.

  4. I decided to try the Museum of Feelings this morning, so you don’t have to, but if you do, go at opening time to avoid lines. I got there at 11:18 and waited 7 minutes, then spent 15 minutes inside, part of it waiting to go into the next room, but I was just not getting it so you can spend more time. There are staff people explaining each room to “you guys” and telling “you guys” to take pictures and put them on social media. They make it sound like a big deal, but it’s basically just ordinary lights and grocery-store air freshener. Oh, but it’s “curated,” so that makes it special.