In the News: Violent Phone Theft

••• Violent phone theft on Varick, a bar fight at M1-5, and another gym locker theft are in Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter.

••• “Two Downtown Candidates [Jenifer Rajkumar and Paul Newell] Weigh Race for Assembly Seat as Governor Calls April Election to Replace Silver.” —Broadsheet

••• “American Cut Bar & Grill, a restaurant offering a ‘unique and modern take on classic American dishes in a contemporary, casual ambience,’ is slated to open in March in Englewood Cliffs, according to its owners. The 10,000-square-foot, 275-seat dining room is under renovation in the prominent spot at 495 Sylvan Ave. (Route 9W) formerly home to Assembly Steak House. It will be an offshoot of the American Cut steakhouse in Tribeca.” —

••• “Admirers of Federal Hall National Memorial, which pays tribute to the building where the first Congress convened and George Washington was inaugurated, are trying to raise its profile.” —New York Times

courtesy Federal Hall