Shop-Local Gift Guide (Part 3)

I’ve included items that caught my eye, but there’s a whole lot more at every shop. I wasn’t price-sensitive, so please don’t comment about how expensive something is or I’ll delete it.


••• Stainless steel straws with handy brush, $12
••• Aluminum signs, $25 (the “PRIVATE” one will go over well with kids of a certain age)
••• Colored pencils with neat brass thingamajig, $76
Vestry between Hudson and Greenwich

Schoolhouse Electric straws Schoolhouse Electric signs Schoolhouse Electric pencils••••••••••••••••

••• Reversible vest, $80
••• Polar bear, $46
••• Dress, $65
Reade between W. Broadway and Church

Jacadi vest Jacadi polar bear cub Jacadi dress••••••••••••••••

••• Bernard Villemont poster for Point “F” Fourrures, $700
••• Erik Nitsche posters for General Dynamics, $700 each
••• Leonetto Cappiello poster for Campari, $2,500
(And if you’re even remotely visual and you’ve never been inside the store, you’re missing out.)
Chambers between W. Broadway and Church

Philip Williams Posters Point F Philip Williams Posters General Dynamics Philip Williams Posters Campari••••••••••••••••

••• Betty Crocker sandwich press (if there existed a machine that could actually make the sandwich, I’d be all over it; can’t vouch for this one, but we love ours), $13
••• Toy Land Rovers (and other cars), $20
••• Sesame Street Crust Cutt’R, $1.50
Chambers between Church and Broadway

Lot-Less sandwich press Lot-Less Land Rovers Lot-Less Crust Cuttr••••••••••••••••

••• Moulin Roty shadow puppets, $22.50
••• Plastic masks, $9 (kids love wearing them and seeing adults in them)
••• Huge sock-doll cat, $198
Hudson and Hubert

My Little Sunshine shadow puppets My Little Sunshine masks My Little Sunshine cat••••••••••••••••

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  1. Thanks for putting together the local shopping gift guide. I’m exactly in the mood for only shopping local this year — staying close to home — and looking for unique gifts.