Joël Robuchon Has Bailed on Brookfield Place

A bombshell in the New York Post today:

Saks Fifth Avenue has signed a lease to open a Saks Men’s Store at 250 Vesey St. The bad news? The menswear mecca replaces a restaurant and gourmet market which the great French chef Joël Robuchon had planned for the same second-floor space at the former 4 World Financial Center, sources said. […] The men’s store will include all of Robuchon’s former space overlooking the Battery Park City marina, plus an additional 4,000 square feet, according to retail sources. It is to open in March 2017.

No explanation was given. I’m sure the Saks store will be nice, but for those of us who prioritize food over fashion, it’s a bummer. Also, it’s a shame there won’t be another restaurant facing that part of the North Cove Marina plaza.

LAtelier de Joel Robuchon at Brookfield Place



  1. its a waste of a view. But do you think that LeDistrict pushed for that given, it would draw customers away from them. The dining options are pretty mediocre and the market is nothing special

  2. More likely it is due to the very slow pace of construction at Brookfield. Given how long it took for Le District to open, how long it took Parm to open, and how long it is taking for Amada to open, it appears that fitting out the spaces for use as restaurants hasn’t been easy. It’ a shame. Given that Saks has already signed a deal and how there has been no apparent construction at L’Atleier at all, it appears that L’Atelier bails a while ago. Speaking of which, is anything going on at the Amada site? I wouldn’t be surprised if they also bail.

  3. Whats up with Saks only doing Men’s wear ??? what about us women???

  4. Do women ever stop complaining or wanting more? Women should save their comments for their afternoon tea circles and let their men shop in peace.

  5. i wouldn’t count on that saks store opening. they’ve been going through layoffs since they canned marigay mckee in april. a lot will depend on the x-mas numbers.

  6. My sources indicate that Amada should be opening around Valentine’s day.
    Robuchon probably pulled out because their partner, Invest Hospitality, probably due to funding issues. I did some research and it shows that they have been pulling out of their investments over the last year or so.

  7. I regret to report that the plywood has come down around the cigar store. They have some nice signage on West Street too. I was hoping this would be the one that would bail but looks like the days of breathing fresh air on the plaza will come to an end.