Seen & Heard: Holiday Craft Fair Today

••• Here’s the trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows, which shot several scenes around here and proved pretty disruptive in the process. Anyway, the trailer features Cortlandt Alley.

••• Today from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center: “The Teens in Community Service Program at Manhattan Youth is working to bring you a night full of artisan-shopping, popcorn-eating, hot cocoa-sipping enjoyment–all in the name of a philanthropy. The Tribeca Holiday Craft Fair raises funds to support children’s causes around the world. Our vendors include teaching artists from our After-School programs and local community members who generously sign up to donate 30% of their revenues. Last year we raised $10,000, and this year we hope to raise even more. Check out our blog or Facebook page to learn more about some of our featured vendors.”

Tribeca Holiday Craft Fair••• “How about Thames St. in BPC?” asked Nancy about the Tribeca Pronunciation Guide. “I know how it’s pronounced in London but how do New Yorkers say the street name?” I actually asked this on the site once, but I can’t find it or remember what the consensus was, if there was one.

••• The Salvatones Christmas concert is Dec. 20 and 21: “The Many Sounds of Christmas features The Salvatones vocal ensemble, New York Virtuosi string ensemble, and organist Stephen Fraser under the direction of Daniel Brondel, associate director of music and organist at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The program includes holiday gems and rarely-heard twists of classic favorites, along with Christmas carols for everyone to sing together, brief excerpts from Handel’s Messiah and Vivaldi’s Winter, and a touching arrangement of Silent Night. Historic St. Peter’s Church, 22 Barclay; $25 in advance or $35 at the door. Visit the website or call 212-784-6176.”

••• Poi Dog Pondering is playing City Winery on Feb. 26 and 27. My favorite song of theirs:

••• I used to recycle plastic bags at the Food Emporium, and I wasn’t sure Whole Foods bothered (since they don’t hand them out). But there is a bin for “stretched plastics”—which includes stuff like dry cleaning plastic—by the West Street door.

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  1. It is pronounced “Tims” as in London. That is the river for which the street got its name.

    Only morons who do not live near here, such as Dennis Mehiel, pronounce it Thames

  2. English is notorious for being riddled with discrepancies between spelling and pronunciation, usually as a result of ancient origins for a proper name. In this case, the Thames river was named in pre-Celtic times. It’s TEMS.

  3. Speaking of Tribeca on screen, the main “Tribeca” episode of The Affair aired last Sunday! Season 2 Episode 10. It is shown that he main characters have been living in 1 North Moore and they film a pretty long scene on the street in front of 25 North Moore.

    • Oh and meant to say it’s on Showtime

    • Since I love the show, I was interested in seeing the Tribeca footage. They were shooting on the two or three blocks below Chambers and WBway for a long time. When I saw the episode I started looking for locations to no avail, except maybe the penthouse on Murray (?) which I can see from my window on Chambers. Thought that was a possible candidate for the long shot showing Noah and Ali at home. I’ll check out the N. Moore locations. I knew I had seen the bench where Ali had a confrontation with Cole’s brother outside a luxury high rise, but couldn’t find it. And Maura Tierney has been nominated for a Golden Globe, which I predicted after her incredible performance when she was ‘drunk and stoned’ in any early episode!

  4. Forget pronunciation, finally I hear of the place to recycle the last few man-made items that end up in my trash! How did I not know of this sooner?

  5. FYI: Whole Foods has three recycle bins directly behind the Customer Service Desk. One is for composting.