Grazin’ Is Closin’

GrazinThat “Retail space available” sign in the window of Grazin’, first noticed by K., means what you think it does: The restaurant is “winding down,” in the words of a staffer, who couldn’t say exactly when the end would come. Grazin’ was one of the world’s first Animal Welfare Approved restaurant when it opened last March. It’d be a shame if other restaurants decide that sourcing humanely raised meat isn’t economically viable; certainly, Grazin’ faced unrelated obstacles with its location and execution.



  1. I went here twice. Both times entered with high expectations and left disappointed by the prices, service and vibe. This could be a great “tavern like” chill restaurant with the right menu.

  2. I am so saddened by this! It is such an amazing thing that they are Animal Welfare Approved and yet customers want cheap meat – which happens to be from animals that are treated terribly. So very very sad ;( I agree that the location must have had something to do with it as well. Really too bad.

  3. So sad. I truly loved this place and their burgers were amazing. I think the location wasn’t the best, though, and I hope they are able to continue on elsewhere.

  4. Sorry to see them go. Like others hope it doesn’t mean the concept isn’t dead. If the menu could have been a little broader, maybe the base of clients they could have pulled from would have expanded. Wish them well.