Seen & Heard: Leather Spa Opens Next Week

••• Liz has discovered that the new Leather Spa in FiDi (65 Nassau/28 John) will open this upcoming Monday, Dec. 28.

••• Does anyone know what’s going into the former F.S. Charlie salon space at 317 Church, next to La Colombe? There are workers inside.

••• Terroir will open at 1 p.m. on New Year’s Day for a little hair-of-the-dog action, along with “Lauren’s post–New Year’s Eve special breakfast sandwich (scrambled eggs/cheese/prosciutto/black truffles” ($18).

••• The New York Academy of Art’s annual Tribeca Ball is April 4, and it honors Eva and Michael (Mr.) Chow.

••• I don’t think we’ve ever seen renderings for the Greenwich Street side of the L-shaped conversion at 15 Hubert. Anyway, as you can see below, it’s getting a sixth floor.

15 Hubert••• I came across this rendering for the fancy hotel conversion underway at 11 Howard (at Lafayette).

••• Once the tourists leave, you really should check out the Picasso sculpture show at MoMA. It’s astounding. And don’t miss the side gallery of Brassaï photographs of some of the sculptures, or the drawings near the elevators.



  1. when do the tourist leave?

  2. I meant after New Year’s, but I concede the point

  3. No point intended – I really just wondered…