South Tribeca Is Getting a Very Funky Building

30 Warren from Church and ChambersThe teaser renderings for 30 Warren—to run from Chambers to Warren—gave very little sense of what to expect, it turns out. Here’s the full rendering, which you can click on to enlarge (the skeevy Dunkin Donuts on Chambers has been labeled “Café”):

Take it away, New York Times:

At 30 Warren, an industrial-style 12-story, 23-unit building being developed by Cape Advisors on the corner of Church Street, the walls will be made of concrete. The concrete will be less than an inch thick, but the developers and designers say the material won’t be fragile, as high-strength fibers will reinforce it. “It’s both very strong and protective, but like a veil, almost,” said François Leininger, a managing partner of Post-Office Architectes, an architect for the project with offices in Paris and New York. […]

The 30 Warren building will also take a much different approach with windows than can be found in the brick, brownstone and cast-iron structures nearby. Instead of sashes, most of 30 Warren’s windows will feature large single panes of glass, including a hefty 13-foot-long version midway up a wall in every living room. Hinged and equipped with a motor, the windows will be able to swing open a few inches with the flick of a switch, according to current plans.

Eight of the apartments will have private outdoor space. The 22 units [23 in the first paragraph], which will range from one-bedrooms with about 1,000 square feet to three-bedrooms with about 2,700 square feet, will feature stone finishes. Gray marble, echoing the hue of the facade, will line kitchens and baths.

As someone who lives on Warren, however, I take serious issue with the lede: “Pity poor Warren Street, a six-block stretch in southern Tribeca that even residents concede has been at best nondescript for decades.” While there are a few drab spots, the street’s nondescript days are at least a decade old. (Maybe the writer was confusing it with Murray….) The article also mentions 12 Warren, but it oddly ignores Cape Advisor’s other project on Warren, the big W. Broadway development that’s claiming Saleya, Raccoon Lodge, and six other restaurants. A rendering for that can’t be far behind.



  1. The best part of the rendering is the antiseptic, glassy ATM next to the relabeled “Café” on Chambers Street. That is just what Tribeca needs IMO.

  2. Interesting – in 2012 the WSJ had a very different take on Warren St:

  3. I haven’t heard the word “skeevey”
    since high school but it perfectly describes the awful Dunkin Donuts on Chambers Street. If Mickey D can upgrade their burger joints, why can’t this eyesore? Corp spends a ton on TV advertising. It’s time for
    A makeover. I know there are other larger concerns in the world but hey I avoid going there.

  4. I also didn’t like the Warren St.bashing. I used to have a studio at 28 and it has the last of the discount stores on the ground floor. There are even a few artists still in the building.

  5. god save us. another 19th century contextual building lost to this maddening real estate bubble. alas, my skeevey city is being taken over by the pod people.