A New Home for the Raccoon Lodge?

Raccoon LodgeIt’s no surprise that the owner of recently deceased Tara of Tribeca (20 Warren) is said to be shopping around the lease. And so it’s no surprise that he’d be talking to a bar that needs a new home—namely, the Raccoon Lodge, a block to the west at 59 Warren, which is set to close after tonight. This info comes from an email group of residents on Warren and Murray, who have had issues with bars in the past; whether they’ll object to Raccoon Lodge remains to be seen. Lending credence to the rumor: Raccoon Lodge’s liquor-license renewal is on the agenda of the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee (Jan. 13), although I believe the proprietors would still have to apply for a new license because of the new location.

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  1. How would I get in touch with the email group of residents on Warren and Murray that is referenced in thIs article?