An Explanation from Baluchi’s

Pakistan Tea House 122915I think it was in Chapter 2 of the Pakistan Tea House saga that I mentioned I had emailed Baluchi’s about the rumor it’s moving into the Pakistan Tea House space at 176 Church, and how general-inbox emails rarely garner a response. But sometimes it just takes a while! From Rohan Aggarwal, son of Baluchi’s founder Rakesh Aggarwal, and head of marketing for the company:

The rumors are true. Baluchi’s has taken over the Pakistan Tea House location. Although, we will continue with the Pakistan Tea House brand—it will be “by Baluchi’s.” Pakistan Tea House has been an iconic eatery in the Tribeca area for over two decades, and we didn’t want to take that away from the neighborhood. Our menu will essentially focus on Lahori and North Indian Specialties. ​We will also be having our full Baluchi’s menu available for our guests. Our lunch special will be a little different from our previous Tribeca location. We will be offering rice bowls, kati rolls, and many lovely sides all for less than $10.

We also do plan to keep it a late night eatery as it always has been and stay open until 3 a.m. for our guests. We hope to be open before the end of January. I will surely keep you updated on the progress. We are very excited to be back in our beloved neighborhood.



  1. Welcoming them both back… Baluchi’s and Pakistan Tea house…
    Here’s to a sensible landlord and another 20+ years

    A rare win win for the neighborhood

    Thanks for sharing the news! :)

  2. I’m curious what people think of Saffron on Chambers street ( ) . I’m no expert on this kind of cuisine (I realize that it is sort of “pan-subcontinental” and doesn’t adhere strictly to a particular region or style), but I have enjoyed their food on several occasions and the people operating it seem very nice. It is more in the vein of the original PTH.

    • Hi David,

      I was also very pleased with my orders from Saffron. I find it more of an eat in then a delivery option though.
      Indian Chinese is great… My fave Chinese food has been experienced in India – a great mix

      Tamarind is very good as well

    • My wife and I discovered “A Saffron Thread” several months ago and it is now our favorite take-out restaurant for Indian cuisine. Their garlic naan is the best we have found compared to several others in the area.

      The woman that is always behind the counter is extremely friendly and always includes a sample of other items that we have never tried.

      Prices are reasonable….just wish they offered the “Prix Fix” special that Benares & Baluchi’s offered, which included an entree/appetizer/naan for under $20.

  3. I always enjoyed Baluchi’s menu, but I developed a real soft spot for them after they set up an outdoor service during the Sandy blackout. Hot appetizers and tandoori were real treats during those days of dark apartments and cold water.

    And they didn’t price-gouge, either.

  4. Any update on this since february delays?!

    • It was on Feb. 29 that we last heard from Baluchi’s (explaining that the delays were infrastructural), and I’m not sure enough time has passed to doubt that it’s still going to happen