Canali Club Has Closed

Canali Club, the gym inside Truffles Tribeca, has been seized by the city marshal; the lights are on but the door has been padlocked. It opened in the summer of 2013 as Superstar Gym. I’ve reached out to the owner to see if there’s any hope of it reopening.

UPDATE 1/11: Alejandro Ferrari has commented that the gym will be reopening.

Canali Club1



  1. The gym had a very European posh feel to it. Maybe it was a cover for “other” activities? Just kidding (I hope)!

    Pinky Joon Joon!

  2. Very funny we will be reopening soon
    Alejandro Ferrari
    President of Canali Club

    • Alejandro Ferrari you gave me a check on the amount of 406.00 with out funds now the check bounce and you don’t answer my phone calls. I will like you paid me back the $406.00 plus $35.00 for bounce check. I don’t know your financial situation but is unfair what are you doing to me. Please answer my calls and settled this in a good cause.
      Att Locksmith guy.