A Juice Bar on W. Broadway

Wicked Juice and Kitchen 88 WBroadwaySignage in the window of 88 W. Broadway—where Jamba Juice was—indicates that something called Wicked Juice and Kitchen is opening there. Don’t bother clicking that link just yet: The website is still under construction. The Facebook page, however, is live, and it indicates that WJ&K has more in common with Sun in Bloom and Juice Press than with Jamba Juice: “We are an Organic Cold Pressed Juice, Vegan, Raw food, Smoothie and Juice company. Serving amazing salads, breakfast, lunches, meal replacements and more.” (“Meal replacement”? Those are fighting words in my house!)

UPDATE: Just heard back from Wicked. Renovations start Monday and they’re shooting for a mid-February opening.


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  1. The juice fad is getting a little long in the tooth (and annoying). Can we re-replace them with places that serve decent food for the 99.9% of the population that still eats solid non-vegan food?