Another Inexpensive Restaurant Is Gone

A Hamachi Sushi Okami Sushi 63 ReadeInexpensive restaurants continue to find Tribeca rough going: The latest victim is the sushi hole-in-the-wall at 63 Reade. The second time I wrote about restaurant fraud on Seamless, in October of 2014, I pointed out that Hamachi Sushi and Anago Sushi were both at 63 Reade. Because the awning was folded over (as seen in the photo below), I didn’t notice that the establishment was also calling itself Okami Sushi. The multiple-name ploy is aggravating, but I find it harder and harder to blame restaurants for doing whatever they can to survive.




  1. It may seem churlish to speak ill of the demised, but I have to say that it was an unforgettable experience to watch my wife’s face (she’s Japanese) when we walked past this place and I pointed it out to her for the first time. We’re used to non-Japanese “Japanese restaurants” and their attendant weirdness. But as she took in the various aspects of this place, from the name(s) to the signage and decor, to the menu, I watched her normally very alert face go from slack to slacker, to a sort of opacity. When she’d recovered enough to utter words they were in halting Japanese: “So… much… so… wrong…”. I lament the loss of inexpensive dining in the neighborhood, but it’s really hard, for me at least, to muster anything like sorrow over this.

    • Dumb it down for us, David. Since brevity is the soul of wit. And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief…Smithers out.