Seen & Heard: How Racines NY Is Adapting to a Gas Leak

••• Yesterday was warm enough to eat lunch outside—just look at this hawk dining on a pigeon in Foley Square. (Photo by Gus Coritsidis.)

hawk in Foley Square by Gus Coritsidis••• The rendering for 70 Vestry posted on the construction fence is different—and more attractive—from the one we had seen before.

70 Vestry rendering posted••• Spotted on Franklin between W. Broadway and Church. (Points for style!)

garbage woman flyer on Franklin••• Racines NY is making the most of a bad situation:

A gas leak elsewhere in the building has shut gas service to our kitchen, but please join us this weekend (and next week as well) for a creative and delicious bar menu and one of NY’s finest wines lists! Raise our spirits by raising a glass with us starting at 5:00 this weekend and next week—and we’ll be open for lunch with our modified menu beginning Monday.

Rillette $8
Chicken liver paté $8
Foie gras $26
Caramelized onion and maitake tart $14
Roasted cauliflower / lobster / bisque $16
Veal tartare / mayo/ harissa $18
Snapper crudo / avocado / kolhrabi  $16
Shrimp tempura, sour cream $16
Sunchoke velouté, steamed egg $12
Beef cheeks / butternut squash $18
Fregola sarda risotto $21
Pork belly / Swiss chard / anchovy condiment
Poached pear / black currant sorbet $10
Chocolate tart $10

••• Kiley tweeted this question a week or so ago but I forgot about it till now: “Are you aware of anyone in Tribeca that can repair luggage? Delta ripped a wheel off my bag during my holiday travel.”

••• Two items added to the agenda for the CB1 Seaport/Civic Center Committee meeting on Tuesday:

—NY Presbyterian Hospital – Update by Robert Guimento, Sr. VP/COO-LMH, Anne Sperling, VP, Government Relations & Community Affairs & Marci Allen, Director, Business Administration
—City Hall Greenmarket – Presentation by Cathy Chambers, GrowNYC & letter of support [I hope the City Hall Greenmarket isn’t at risk of going away!]

••• 155 Chambers is for rent. As the Subway sandwich shop two doors down has proved, a “for rent” sign doesn’t necessarily mean the existing tenant is leaving anytime soon.

Chamber Smoke Shop 155 Chambers



  1. I think the hawk’s location looks less Foley Square and more like Collect Pond Park with the Tombs in the background.

  2. A friend just posted this on FB:

    “This place is one of the best kept secrets in NYC… They repair your suitcases while you wait (lifetime free for Tumi, no receipt/paperwork required). Modern Leather Goods, 2 W 32nd St. (212) 279-3263.”

  3. Hope Dirty Bird takes the smoke shop space and expands!

  4. +1 for Modern Leather Goods. I’ve used them twice for suitcase repairs (not Tumi). The guy looks at your case and instantly tells you if it’s in warranty, they do some of the repairs while you wait, they’re lovely people and do exactly what and when they say they will. Still can’t believe how easy it was.