In the News: 2 World Trade Center Is on Hold Again

••• News Corporation and 21st Century Fox have decided not to move to the World Trade Center after all; without an anchor tenant signed on, the building won’t get built. Whether Bjarke Ingels’ design, rendered above, will remain in contention is anyone’s guess. —New York Post

••• Pier 17 update from Field Condition: “The structure has risen to the roof level for half of its final length.”

••• “A 9/11 Museum janitor was almost electrocuted and nearly blinded by stray sparks that showered him as he mopped, according to a new lawsuit.” —New York Post

••• “The Real Deal tallied and analyzed all of Soho’s retail availability—properties that are either vacant or occupied by a tenant with a soon-to-expire lease—that is being marketed for rent. The numbers show at least 95 properties listed as available, totaling nearly 500,000 square feet of space.” I’d bet Tribeca has more than the 100 I counted in August.

••• “Restaurateur Phil Alotta, owner of Riposo 46, Chelsea Grill, and The Cannery, is planning a place called Burgers and Bourbon, to be run by his son Danny. Alotta fell in love with the idea in Kentucky. The restaurant, at 310 Spring St., will have 36 seats, 12 seats at the bar, and a sidewalk cafe whose size is to be determined.” That’s where Lazy Point is (in the former Anchor space). —Eater

Lazy Point



  1. Let’s not build WTC 2 since it is probably not needed, then re-number those others 2 and 3. Then you have 1,2 and 3 and ten years from now the tourists will not remember or care.

  2. If something must be built at wtc 2, could they please call on Fumihiko Maki who designed the stunning WTC 4? It is easily the standout of the area. Hopefully, the Bjarke Ingles design will be abandoned.