Joey Pepperoni’s Pizzeria Has [Not] Closed

381-383 BroadwayThe Tribeca location of Joey Pepperoni’s Pizza, at Broadway and White, has closed; the windows are papered and the phone rings and rings. [UPDATE: See below.] In March of 2014, I heard that the building, 381 Broadway, was slated to be converted from commercial to residential; in June of that year, the massage therapist on the White Street side relocated to Centre Street. Now I’m hearing the conversion has stalled. The Department of Buildings paperwork shows interior demolition on the fourth and fifth floors, but no change in use (that request could come later, I suppose).

After Palermo Pizza closes at the end of the month, Tribeca will have just five six slice joints: Little Italy (Park Place), Dona Bella (Chambers/Church), the two Roll and Go outposts (Broadway/Franklin and W. Broadway/Canal), Famous Famiglia (Church/Murray), and La Bellezza (Broadway and Thomas-ish, although it’s at risk). Unless I’m forgetting any…. UPDATE: Jennifer reminded me about Cafe Amore on Chambers.

UPDATE: I just walked by (Monday morning) and it was preparing to open for the day; the sign was back out front. The door was locked so I couldn’t ask why the windows were papered yesterday.

Joeys Pepperoni



  1. What about cafe amore on chambers?

  2. Saluggis still does slices I think.

  3. What about Saluggi’s on Church & Lispenard?

  4. Greetings, Erik- we are trying to figure out who owns Joey’s. They have become a major trash dumper for our block given the tourist traffic. We would like to talk to the owner or building manager to see if they can bag their trash a few times a day. They are unresponsive. Any idea who owns the 381 Broadway Pizza LLC or how to get the message to them? We love the pizza – we hate the trash blowing down our street every morning.