Seen & Heard: Complete Replanting of the 7 World Trade Center Plaza

••• “They cut down all the trees at the park outside 7 World Trade Center,” emailed D., along with the top two photos below. “Any idea why?” The Silverstein Properties rep explained thus: “They had issues with their roots so we are replacing them all with new trees,” and offered to see if more info was available tomorrow. I dropped by yesterday morning to check it out, and the plaza was actually getting a complete replanting (third pic below).

7WTC trees1 7WTC trees2 7WTC plaza••• A gallery called Contempop is popping up at one of the 93 Worth retail spaces. From the website: “Contempop gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery that is based in Tel Aviv, Israel with an office in NY. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of young Israeli and international artists to potential customers and emerging collectors around the world.” Pictured below: “Chewin’ Minnie” by Nicole Furman.

ContempopChewin' Minnie by Nicole Furman courtesy Contempop••• The ground floor of 290 West sure is warm and welcoming.

290 West••• Bummed that this tree is going to get the axe when 530 Canal is demolished to make way for a mansion. At least we still have this tree on Murray.

doomed tree••• Sew What? opens Feb. 2 at the Children’s Museum of the Arts: “This exhibition takes textile arts as its starting point and includes contemporary artists whose work transforms the material of fiber. Sew What? revels in the diversity of textiles, and how these materials are transformed through various techniques by contemporary artists.”



  1. and when you step forth from your mansion, you find yourself on c anal street.

    too funny!

  2. Urban trees are often the first victims of development…