A Longtime Hardware Store Is Closing

Walker Supply Corp 61 WalkerWalker Supply Corp. at 61 Walker is closing after 30 years. “The neighborhood has changed so much,” said one of the owners. “The rent is just too high.” UPDATE: “They’re expecting to remain open through the end of next month,” commented Rowena, so you have plenty of time to go enjoy this slice of old Tribeca.

Walker Supply Corp sign 61 Walker



  1. They’re expecting to remain open through the end of next month.

  2. No! such good people!!!

  3. What a shame. They are my go-to hardware store. I will miss them and the store.

  4. Oh, no! They are the only lumber store in this area! Not that I need them often, but still.

  5. Say it ain’t so. Saw the for rent sign days ago and stopped dead in my tracks. This is a real loss. I hope they are able to relocate. The owners and help are very good at what they do.

  6. They’re still open — but it is still sad. With George Taylor plumbing supplies gone, and now Magna Fabrics closing fast, the quirky, lovable old Tribeca we all knew has almost completely vanished. I dread the day Transit Trading closes up, and I hope they don’t, but it must be hard to turn down the no-doubt-huge offers (I’m guessing) for their building.