Pop-Up: Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff5“These are statement pieces,” says interior designer Sasha Bikoff of the furniture in her new pop-up shop on Washington Street. “There’s a wow factor. You won’t find the lounge chair to fall asleep in front of the fire on.”

Sasha Bikoff6The shop is slated to stay open through June, and Bikoff says it’ll likely be extended. She actually lives on the same block, in a three-story maisonette where she’s been using the basement level to store her finds. She always planned on opening a shop, once she amassed enough inventory. It turns out she reached that point a while ago: Even after moving in, she still has stuff in her basement.

At the 1,700-square-foot store, formerly the site of Hal Katzen’s gallery, Bikoff eschews the traditional merchandise-piled-high model of antiques stores for a sparer, more residential look. “I wanted to create vignettes,” she says. “It allows people to see how the pieces might look in a room. I’m able to use my interior design sense to sell furniture, but we’re also offering also a lifestyle, a vibe.”

Sasha Bikoff8The furniture is mostly midcentury French and Italian, but it’s often been updated with fashion-y elements. Take the chairs pictured at top: “They’re Pierre Paulin’s Groovy Chairs from the 1970s. I redid them in an Oscar de la Renta cashmere remnant that’s normally used for a dress or whatever. So this fabric is unique to these two pieces—no one else will have it.” Likewise, the Adrian Pearsall high-back chair in another window is upholstered in a Dolce & Gabbana fabric. “I’ve had people see it and say, ‘I have that dress!'”

Bikoff similarly reinvigorates Chinese Deco rugs by dying them pink and purple, and turning vintage Hermès and Chanel scarves into big throw pillows. (“I’m waiting for someone to say it’ll make a great dog bed.”) Not everything gets updated: You’ll also find 1960s Pierre Cardin credenzas, 1970s “disco Italian” desks, and a cabinet filled with Murano barware. Bikoff points out that you don’t have to go all in for statement pieces. “You can do your bedroom in Crate & Barrel or Ikea, and just throw a Murano vase on the nightstand to add personality.” As any good designer knows, it’s all about the mix.

Sasha Bikoff is at 459 Washington (between Canal and Watts), 917-439-2435; sashabikoff.com.

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