“I Live on Tribeca”

Tribeca Circle San Diego CA3Back in 2010, probably through a Google alert, I came upon Tribeca Circle in San Diego (above). Intrigued, I searched Google Maps for other streets named Tribeca. Only two came up: Tribeca Drive (which turns into Tribeca Court) in Charleston, S.C., and Tribeca Street in Las Vegas, Nev. (below).

Tribeca Drive Charleston SC3Tribeca Street Las Vegas NV2How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Turn right after Brooklyn Bridge!

Three didn’t justify a post, so I filed it away (i.e., forgot about it). The other day, after coming upon the file, I checked Google Maps again. That developers are fond of “Tribeca” shouldn’t come as a surprise, and yet I hardly expected to find seven more.

Tribeca Avenue in Jersey City, N.J.:

Tribeca Avenue Jersey City NJTribeca Drive in Middletown, Wisc.:

Tribeca Drive Middletown WITribeca Lane in Katy, Tex.:

Tribeca Lane Katy TXTribeca Lane in Plano, Tex.:

Tribeca Lane Plano TXTribeca Way in Costa Mesa, Calif.:

Tribeca Way Costa Mesa CATribeca Way in Dallas, Tex. (below Soho Lane, appropriately enough):

Tribeca Way Dallas TXTribeca Way in Erda, Utah (below Houston, but above Mulberry and Village):

Tribeca Way Erda UT



  1. Not a hood reference (but then, maybe it is) but my favorite example of tribeca misappropriation was the Subaru B9 “Flying Vagina” Tribeca: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2005/08/subaru-b9-tribeca/

    Because that’s all I can think of when I see tribeca

  2. look around you. look at the stories about the vapid ghetto tribeca has become and reported on daily by this website. the soul that defined the hood from 1980 to 2014 has been decimated.