In the News: The Salt Shed’s First Big Test

••• The New York Post says that Glenn Frey lived in Tribeca. My condolences to his family.

••• Pix of 3 World Trade Center under construction. —Curbed

••• An Associated Press article on the Spring Street Salt Shed quotes me as saying “ooh,” among other words. (So now we know that the AP won’t clean up quotes….) Something else I said during the interview: The opposition to the DSNY facility in that location was always as much about the trucks coming in and out as about the buildings themselves, so while the buildings turned out lovelier than one could’ve hoped, the real question is whether all that truck traffic would prove to be a nuisance. Folks who live near there: Has it bothered you during this storm?

••• Curbed, meanwhile, finagled a tour of the salt shed and the adjacent sanitation garage. There are pix of both, although most of ones from inside the shed are from the DSNY. Ooh, check out that ceiling!


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  1. I live a block and a half away from the sanitation’s new building (Renwick St.) My street was not plowed until monday morning. How is it possible that the trucks being so close, couldn’t make it to a street thats seconds away…. As for you’re question. I didn’t hear the hustle and bustle of the trucks at all.