In the News: Tribecan Snowboarded Through the Snowstorm

••• The roundup of blizzard pix included one by PieterJan Mattan of Tribeca’s Casey Neistat snowboarding behind a Jeep, just like he did two years ago; here’s the video (lots of Tribeca scenes in it), which you’ve probably already seen because it went instaviral.

••• Recapping the residential towers forthcoming in Lower Manhattan (and worrying about whether there’s infrastructure to accommodate the influx). —Broadsheet

••• Video of kids sledding in Washington Market Park. —Tribeca Trib

••• “The Story of a 400-Year-Old Sketch Made by a Dutch Visitor to Downtown.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. Casey Neistat is insufferable.

  2. Casey Neistat should really be wearing a helmet.

  3. thank god for Casey Neistat.

  4. Nice piece on all the new development, but no mention of the many to come on and around Fulton St. Many of these buildings are on narrow streets with narrow sidewalks. Where is all the garbage going to go? And what about service and delivery vehicles? Will it be like the Gehry building where you must walk single file on garbage days and try to avoid the vehicles parked half on the sidewalk? While NYers can certainly cope with those things, they kind of take away from the whole ultra-luxury aspect of the projects, at least it does for the Gehry building.