George Taylor Specialties Is Closing

More depressing news: George Taylor Specialties, the plumbing supply/fixture store on Franklin Street, is closing for good. When I asked co-owner Val Christou if she was related to George Taylor, she explained that the company was actually founded in 1869, selling ship parts on Water Street, before transitioning to carriage parts and, at some point, moving to Lafayette Street. Someone saw the writing on the wall and shifted the focus to the next big thing, indoor plumbing, and eventually Val’s parents bought the company. From 1992 to 2002, it was at Hudson and Franklin, and from 2002 till now it has been at 76 Franklin. Val was adamant that the blame not be put on the landlord; instead, she said that people just shop differently now, and there’s been a lot of consolidation in the industry, and bigger companies can negotiate lower prices. “Business is the same as it has been, but there’s less money in it,” she said.

They’ve helped me out on several occasions over the years, and each time I relied on their expertise—something that’s hard to replicate when you’re shopping online.



  1. sadly, reading TC is starting to feel like reading an obit column.

  2. Buck up. Lots of stuff opening imminently

  3. To Whom it may concern:
    The George Taylor space will be available at the end of the month at a reasonable rent. The landlords,us, are 4 art related families who are not looking to making a killing in the real estate market.
    Sincerely, Allan Boutin

    • Allan
      I’d love to chat about the space – used to be up the street at 83 Franklin and love the block – currently looking for a new home for my design firm and would love to move back to the block.

      Phil Gillman
      pg (at) siberia (dot) io

    • Hi,

      I was surprised to hear of the closing of George Taylor. I bought many items from them over the years. When I called today and their phone did not work, I did some searching and found this article about the closure of this great store.

      I was trying to contact GT because I recently damaged a sink purchased from them about 3 years ago. I’m not sure if they manufactured their sinks or got them from a different manufacturer. In any case, I would like to be able to ask the owners of GT is they have a reference to the manufacturer of the sink, model GTS1915.

      If the owner is reading this, could you please contact me at nyker2004 at

      Thank you.


  4. I love this store! I have rummaged through the basement many times and found treasures for homes over the years. Scattered between Tribeca, Fire Island and Hudson. Such a heart break as I do like to touch and feel my products!

  5. Oh no! they taught me so much about how to fix basic plumbing problems and saved me much $$ in the process.

  6. A big loss. They were so helpful.

  7. Came here many times for a variety of plumbing issues. Sad to hear.

  8. So so sad…and yes Eric there will be more imminent openings but that is besides the point.
    I still love the pedestal sink and fixtures purchased at GT almost two decades ago at half the price of Waterworks…so sad.
    Cheers to the nice landlord! Thank you.

  9. I too am sorry to see George Taylor go. They helped me on numerous occasions and were so wonderful to do business with. Thank you for your years of service!

  10. So sad to see you guys go out like this, standing on the sidewalk Inn front of your door feeling a big loss… Where the he’ll do we go now, things will never be the same… cho blood claaat..!

  11. I am heart broken! I LOVED these people. They gave me so much help and saved the day many times during construction snafus. Thanks for everything, you will be terribly missed.

  12. I first met John, Val, and their dad sometime back in the early 80’s. I had a leaking 75 year old copper gooseneck pantry faucet from a turn of the last century house on the NJ shore, and came across a mention of their business & expertise in the Old House Journal catalog (once just about the only reliable source for older, restorable fixtures, etc.).

    I told John the sad story about my unsuccessful search for the faucet part & how tired I was of being told by every plumbing supply/hardware store guy “They don’t make those anymore.” John said well someone might somewhere, let me ask my dad. A ray of hope. So their dad came out front, looked at the faucet & said “They don’t make these anymore – but let me see what I can do.” He then went into the back & FABRICATED THE PART. And they had me a customer from then on, the last time when John helped me figure out the perfect replacement toilet for a rental property with six bathrooms, saving literally thousands of dollars in water bills over the last 2 years. And aside from being terrifically knowledgeable & helpful, very nice folks too.
    NYC is poorer without them & their business.

  13. Hello, does anyone know of a place similar to George Smith in NYC ?
    I am totally sad to learn that they have closed; a great loss.
    Thank you !

  14. he was the best. He had the dies and could fabricate any item Great loss Ken Rosenblum