Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee Is Opening in Tribeca

As part of a wave of change at the Roxy Hotel—there’s the new name, of course, as well as the Django jazz bar and the forthcoming Blackstones salonJack’s Stir Brew Coffee is opening a café inside the hotel. (That’s founder Jack Mazzola pictured above.) It’ll have its own entrance on Sixth Avenue, kind of like Stumptown at the Ace in Nomad, but it’ll be integrated with the lobby. They’re shooting for early April.

The Roxy Hotel



  1. Jack’s is the best. So glad to hear this!

  2. I’m so excited about this. I love Jack’s and think their donuts are the best in town.

  3. Jack Is the best! Quality ingredients, great service and he is an amazing person! Congrats!!!

  4. Jack is the kindest most wonderful person and just perfect to be opening in Tribeca with the best coffee in the world, great service, delicious one of a kind items to eat and a throwback to hometown hospitality. Congratulations Jack!!