In the News: The FiDi Tower With a New School at Its Base

77 Greenwich rendering••• “Plans have been crystallized for the redevelopment of the former Syms complex at 28-42 Trinity Place, which will now be known as 77 Greenwich St.” That’s where the recently announced elementary school is going. “The upcoming 500-foot-tall glass condominium tower will also have a new grammar school at its base, as well as 7,000 square feet of retail. Despite other renderings and rumors that proclaimed the project as a super-tall structure of 1,000 feet, it will be just half that height and much less expensive to build.” Also: “The school will be incorporated into the first nine stories in the concrete base of the tower as well as the adjacent landmarked Dickey House at 28-30 Trinity Place.” —New York Post

••• “On the plaza outside of the Spruce Street School, cars next month will begin pulling in and out of a new parking garage beneath the school. Parents and the principal fear it could spell danger.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “An epic battle has broken out over the $100 million-plus estate of Melva Bucksbaum, one of America’s most celebrated art collectors and a vice chair of the board of trustees of the Whitney Museum, who died at 82 last year.” Her husband, Raymond Learsy, think he should get half her estate, despite her will; a Tribeca loft is in the mix. —New York Post


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  1. Personal injury settlements will cost far more than rebuilding that garage’s entrance on Beekman