In the News: Monstrous Milkshakes

••• I walked up to Black Tap on Broome yesterday afternoon because I was craving a chocolate milkshake and the weather was relatively balmy, but at 3 p.m. there was a line of mostly young people out the door and around the corner. I figured a celebrity had to be inside, but when I tweeted about it, I was told the milkshakes had received a lot of publicity lately. I didn’t really believe it—I’ve enjoyed quite a few, but I hardly would’ve considered them newsworthy (and we all know I set a low bar)—until I saw this New York Post article. Black Tap’s shakes are now like Crumbs cupcakes, but worse.

••• “Citigroup, Inc. exercised their option to purchase 388-390 Greenwich Street for $2.0 billion, net of any unfunded tenant concessions. The closing is scheduled for December 2017.” —Business Wire (via Eliot Brown)

••• More ineptitude from the Cuomo administration regarding Battery Park City: “Authority Chair Says Cuomo Administration May Be Getting Closer to Naming New BPCA Board Members, But Needs Hints About How Many and Who Is Supposed to Appoint Them.” Also of note: In recent days, a new community organization, Democracy for Battery Park City has gathered more than 350 signatures from neighborhood residents, demanding that people who actually live in the community be appointed to the board that governs them.” If you live in Battery Park City, you have no excuse not to sign that petition. —Broadsheet

••• Laura Poitras, whom you may know as the director of Citizenfour, has a show, “Astro Noise,” opening at the Whitney on Feb. 5; her studio is in Tribeca. —New York Times

••• Thieves on bikes snatched the phone right out of a guy’s hand at Chambers and Centre. —DNAinfo

••• Vanity Fair stood outside Chelsea Clinton’s SoulCycle benefit and asked attendees how it was.



  1. Are the lines at Black Tap only for milkshakes or also to eat? I haven’t been there in several months but I’ve always had good burgers there. However I don’t have much interest in going back if there is always a line for these crazy shakes.

  2. There was still a line at 7:30 p.m. last night. I didn’t know what the line was for at the time but I did notice it was around the corner and 1/2 way down 6th Avenue.

  3. We were craving a burger and walked over there around 5:30 on Saturday and the line went all the way down Sixth Ave. to Watts. Seriously!? Just what we wanted, another Cronut situation. I’m so sad about this because we loved Black Tap and now we’ll never be able to there again.