Instagram Tribeca (Vol. 20)

In a departure from most of the usual Instagram Tribeca roundups, these were all taken by yours truly. So follow Tribeca Citizen on Instagram! It’s 85% Tribeca, 10% other places, and 5% my dog. If you think you’re not an Instagram person, because you don’t like Facebook or Twitter, you might give it a try. It’s less annoying, and posting a photo just feels easier and less loaded than posting text.

Here are some of my favorite Tribeca-ish ones; some have run in Photo Safari posts but it’s winter so I can’t really be expected to figure out which ones.

instagram 56 Leonard in puddle instagram Kaffe 1668 North sheep instagram sunrise instagram TC 56 Leonard puddle on Church instagram TC 60 Hudson at Christmas instagram TC bike shadow instagram TC City Hall Park puddle instagram TC Lispenard instagram TC Pier 26 instagram TC raccoon lodge reflection instagram TC tree shadow Franklin instagram TC Tribeca greenmarket autumn instagram TC Warren doorbellsIf you enjoyed this, click on the “Instagram Tribeca” tag below.



  1. Nice shots, Erik.

  2. Racoon Lodge looks like it could be one of Huck’s Mom’s paintings. Beautiful!