Seen & Heard: Color Me Mine’s New Location

••• “I’ve never seen a crane across a major street!” emailed the reader who sent this pic. Nor have I!

crane across WBroadway ••• If you’re thinking of adopting a cat or dog, or even if you’re not: “We have so many cats at the moment and are getting a bunch of dogs in the next few weeks,” says Shelter Chic on Chambers.

••• Color Me Mine Tribeca‘s new location has been announced: 123 Baxter. It hasn’t reopened yet.

••• Robert Ripps points out that Cercle Rouge is getting a frisky jump on Valentine’s Day. (One assumes the kissing will be à la française.)

Cercle Rouge kissing booth by Robert Ripps

••• This sign on Vestry, as noticed by @atbeau, is a classic of its genre.

Wilson warning on Vestry by atbeau



  1. Where on vestry is this mystery pooper?

  2. That crane is a big one and it’s going to get bigger!
    I’ve stopped to talk to the workers and the crane is lifting 5 very large generators and all of the attendant equipment to the roof of 60 Hudson. Once the first part of the lift is over, 50 more feet of boom will be attached. That will be a sight!

  3. Maybe they could use the crane to “accidentally” knock down 56 Leonard Street?

  4. Is that the crane on Worth that just fell down this morning?

  5. Is this the same crane that just collapsed??