Tribeca’s Cornerstone Grill Appears to Be Closed

Cornerstone Grill5 by B“Has Cornerstone gone out of business?” emailed M. on Thursday. “I’m talking about the place on the corner of Greenwich and Duane that has sandwiches, fried chicken, ribs, etc. I just walked past and it was not only dark, it looked deserted.”

I’m out of town, so after calling the restaurant and getting no answer, I asked two reliable tipsters to walk by. (It seems to have been known as both Cornerstone Grill and Tribeca’s Cornerstone, by the way.)

“It’s dead—no sign of activity and no signs about closing,” said B.

“Dead,” confirmed A. “The empty soda fridge means closed, said the delivery guy.”

UPDATE: As Wolf notes in the comments, according to the building owner, the restaurant is just closed for a few days for renovations. Let’s hope it’s so!

UPDATE 2/8: Cornerstone confirmed that it’s reopening tomorrow, Feb. 9.

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  1. That’s a huge loss. One of the first place we ordered from when we moved in 15 years ago. Still a first choice of the kids.

  2. That rent, it’s too damned high

  3. We moved here 4 months ago – not newbies as we have worked in the area for over 20 years – in this time we have lost a supermarket, pizzeria, and now this. My teenage son is devastated! The neighborhood is running out of “everyday options” for shopping/dining….

  4. Any recommendations for fried chicken in the area?

  5. One of the first places I ever ordered in from when I first moved here 18 years ago. Sorry to see it go.

    Too small to be a nail salon or a bank. I predict a string of high-end artisan food businesses that will each last about a year.

    • Too small to be a bank but I could see it being an atm location a la the one at the southwestern corner of Church and Reade Streets.

      Remaining non-national, regional, or city chain/pizzeria/deli/Chinese/Chinese-Mexican (Chi-Mex)/Mexican/Middle Eastern/diner/bar/place with a bar/cafe more than a restaurant inexpensive eats left in TriBeCa off the top of my head:

      Nish Nush until that building sells whenever
      Dirty Bird To Go

      Any others?

  6. damn, i’m a regular. i was just chatting with the owner about a month ago about how expensive everything is now. not a clue from him that they would be closing.

    p.s. i loved that they would pass me my takeout coffee through the side door so that i wouldn’t have to tie my dog up and come in to get it.

  7. So sad. They were our go-to for any Washington Market picnic.

    Erik, maybe you should compile a list of local-only businesses or add it as an option in your restaurant and shopping filters.

  8. I love their honey fingers! so sad they’re gone.

  9. Be careful at Dirty Bird that the oil may be part peanut oil, so be sure to ask. My son, who has a peanut allergy, does not eat there.

  10. They had some pretty good ribs too. So sad to see they’re gone.

  11. So sad, I was talking to the owner in December and he said he planned to stay as long as the rent was not hiked way up. He was hopeful because he had a good relationship with the owner he would be able to stay & noted he had outlasted many of the other closures. Super nice family guy – real old world NYC.
    More upsetting, Tribeca is well on its way of Soho = chain stores and corporate food & beverage. The difference here, as Tribeca Citizen showed in its survey, building owners are willing to empty their stores to wait for the big payoff. They do not seem to care that empty stores make desolate streets that are unsafe – they can wait for the payoffs…and they do not care about or support small businesses.

  12. I wonder what this will mean for the other small businesses in that building.

  13. Per the building owner, the Tenant has closed temporarily to complete a renovation. Heard it here first.


    We had some upgrades to do.

    Thank you guys for the kind words, and will be happy to serve our favorite neighbors once again!!

    We will be open on Tuesday feb. 9th.