Seen & Heard: Cornerstone Grill Will Reopen Today

••• The owner of Cornerstone confirmed that the restaurant will reopen today; it’s simply closed for some renovations.

••• As expected, Palermo Pizza has closed. The sign says it has “joined” the Famous Famiglia chain’s outpost at Church and Murray, which appears to mean that phone calls to Palermo’s line get forwarded there.

Palermo Pizza••• And the Cricketers Arms last day is this Thursday Friday. I asked the guard outside New York Dolls if he knew when the club is closing, and he said he had no idea.

Cricketers Arms••• More Best Market updates: 1) “I stopped in at Best Market & they said they will be opening between the 15th & 22nd!” commented Rose. 2) “Saw groceries being delivered to Best Market this morning.” commented Huck’s Mom. 3) “Spoke to someone at the front of Best Mark who looked like they knew stuff…said it was opening Feb 16th!” commented Ashtralia. 4) “Here’s a photo through the paper,” emailed a reader.

inside Best Market••• There’s a Little Free Library cabinet in Washington Market Park; the plaque says it was donated in honor of David and Jamila by Four Way Books, which Google says is at 11 Jay.

••• So this is what the top of 12 Warren looks like.

12 Warren••• Tribeca Tower’s noisy boiler vent is still violating the public plaza (and that entire block).

Tribeca Tower noisy vent



  1. from the photos inside- it looks like they may not have widened the lanes at the registers, so the shopping carts still won’t fit..could they really not have widened them???

  2. 12 Warren reminds me of the old Garden State Brickface commercials I grew up with. I’m not sure if that’s what the builder was going for, however.

  3. So glad to hear about Cornerstone!

  4. Fingers crossed when Best Market opens George is part of the crew!

  5. Thank you, Erik for staying on this story. Tenants from three entire buildings have written to CB 1 to protest the never-ending noise. Related keeps making promises but the venting goes on. And we get no sleep. This was a quiet street and a lovely park. What an outrage.