Seen & Heard: Grazin’ Is Open After All

••• Et voilà.

Best Market sign••• Despite word that it had closed, Grazin’ was open yesterday.

Grazin Tribeca••• Opening March 2 at Soho Photo: the winners of the 2016 International Krappy Kamera Competition, “images captured with krappy kameras including Holgas, Dianas and homemade cameras.”

••• As a fan of transparency, I applaud Tribeca Beauty Spa for its email letting patrons know that prices for some services will be going up. The email included a full rundown of the services affected, along with the old and new prices (usually just $5 or $10 more). Also: “To show our appreciation for your loyalty TBS is allowing existing clients to purchase gift certificates 10% off current prices until March 1. This excludes all other promotions, packages and specials.”

••• Through March 19 at the Shirley Fiterman Art Center at Fiterman Hall: Art/Works, showcasing work by 33 faculty artists at Borough of Manhattan Community College/The City University of New York. Didn’t know this:A portion of all sales of art from Shirley Fiterman Art Center exhibits goes to support the BMCC Foundation scholarship fund.” Below: Painting by John Goodrich.

by John Goodrich



  1. I hope that the Best Market sign acts like the neighborhood’s magical mistletoe, bringing love, merriment, and juicy gossip to all who wander beneath its humming fluorescents. I will be waiting for you, A. I will be waiting…

    • Hey Erik here is Jim Smithers going out of his way to insult, mock, get personal with, and bait me (again.) He just won’t let it go (again.)

      Please ban this idiot until he gets some manners. Seriously, I said “I’m out” the other day and he’s running his keyboard mouth (again.)

      Get a life Jim.

      • Yes, Erik, please ban anyone who calls another TriBeCaN a “bigmouth, jerk, or idiot.” There is no place for that within this family forum.

        • No let’s ban a person (you) who goes out of his way to insult another one (me) by calling for me to come on here.

          Real simple: I posted what I posted, you went out of your way to insult me, I sent it back, and you can’t take what you dished. You lost the right not to be called names which are what you have acted like when you insulted me. And now I see you have a little fanboy below me so it’s gang up time I guess. You two need to grow up.

          You. Jim Smithers, are a bigmouth for calling out for me to come on here to get into it with you again. You are a jerk for initially starting shit with me. You are an idiot for doing both. I could give two shits how long you’ve been posting on here or how many things you’ve identified in TriBeCa, you run your keyboard mouth to me, I send it back.

  2. “Bigmouth swings and misses! The jerkface meanie just can’t lay a hand on A tonight, it looks like A is…could it be? Yes! A is literally hiding behind their 3rd grade teacher in the schoolyard of PS 234!” *old-timey boxing announcer voice haha

  3. Okay, I think we’re all good now. I found some manners in aisle 2 (tippy top shelf) ANNNND I got a life (lactose free) in the diary (grass fed) aisle. This Best Market really does have evvvvvvverything!! Whole Foods can suck it (organically)!
    BTW, Irv, clean-up in aisle 4 and in produce!

  4. I think i figured it out…Jim is one of those “Whole Foods” nuts that hates conventional supermarkets that sell mostly Brand Names instead of mostly “organic” junk…So, he regrets that another REAL supermarket is coming in to replace the defunct Food Emporium…
    Go back to Whole Foods, Jim and stop posting here…you are VERY annoying…

    Meanwhile, back to real posts about this topic….I see lots of food delivery trucks all day now delivering to them so it would seem that they should be getting ready for opening next week for sure…

  5. I sure hope there is a pharmacy in the Best Market.

  6. Erik: I actually just phoned Best Market’s headquarters and spoke to a very friendly and courteous woman there and she said they believe they should be ready to open next week, and the tentative opening day is next Wednesday…

  7. You’re Welcome…Also, my neighbor had stopped in there this morning and they told her the same thing…that they are hoping to open next Wednesday…

  8. For what it’s worth, I enjoy Smithers’ hilarious (and often snarky) posts. I really do LOL, chortle even. If you don’t like them, just don’t read them!

    • Excuse me? I’ll read whatever I want and I won’t be bullied not to read or reply to them or post here by a keyboard bigmouth who thinks he can run it because he’s Mr.Where In TriBeCa? and has posted for years.

  9. Nobody puts bAby in the corner!

  10. Love you, Smithers.