In the News: The Cat Café on Grand Street is Now Open

••• Little Lions, the cat café at 40 Grand, has opened: “The space is bisected, and right next to the tea room section is a ‘cat sanctuary,’ where visitors can pay $11 to spend an hour sitting with rescue cats.” —DNAinfo

••• On the occasion of a bunch of tall ships skipping New York City in the summer of 2017, the Broadsheet asked Bert Rogers of Tall Ships America why the city doesn’t attract more tall ships. His answer: “The bureaucracy is thick and impenetrable. Expenses are huge. It boils down to being not cost effective. […] The best thing that can happen for New York to attract tall ships on a random basis would be to invest in a visiting tall ship berth at the South Street Seaport Museum. It’s the perfect place—but you need the political will to make that happen.”

••• “Estela Sequel Cafe Altro Paradiso is Apparently Now in Soft Open.” The restaurant—at Sixth Ave. and Spring—will reportedly open Monday. UPDATE: It’s currently in friends-and-family mode. —Eater

••• A bookkeeper “stole nearly $70,000 from the coffers of Tracy Anderson Mind and Body during the five months that she was employed by the company, which runs operations for the celebrity fitness instructor Tracy Anderson, according to a criminal complaint.” —DNAinfo

••• “Manhattan Youth celebrated the 25th year of its Downtown Day Camp program by treating parents and kids alike to an animal show at PS 234 on Feb. 7 starring exotic critters hailing from across the globe.” —Downtown Express